Dodgers Drop the Rockies 5-0, in Norris’ Debut

Stadium 7116

It was about as Hollywood as it gets tonight in LA. On Wednesday, Bud Noriss was a pitcher for the Atlanta Braves. Tonight he was on the mound for the Los Angeles Dodgers,  putting the hurt to the Colorado Rockies, in a 5-0 victory.

Most of those runs were scored long after Norris’ departure, as he shook hands with his former, now current manger Roberts, the fans stood and cheered, and the camera pulled back to reveal a new reliever stepping up to the mound, with Norris walking through the tunnel to the clubhouse, smiling.

Norris was acquired by the Dodgers quickly this week, to deal with the sudden loss of ace Clayton “K-Town” Kershaw who suffered a herniated disc in his back. As Roberts assured the media however, “We didn’t bring in Bud to replace Clayton. We can’t do that.” True enough. but Norris brings a new and dangerous weapon to the Dodger pitching arsenal, if tonight is any indication.

In addition to Norris’ performance, Dodgers bats once again rang after a slow few early innings.  It was still 1-0,  in fact, when Adam Liberatore, the first of three relief pitchers, stepped up, in the seventh.  He was followed by Baez and  Blanton, each of whom kept Colorado quiet and well-behaved.

A succession of Colorado pitchers couldn’t do the same, however, as the Dodgers continued to increase their lead throughout the late innings, finally scoring three runs in the bottom of the eighth.

Adrian Gonzales scored two RBIs, and Corey Seager continued his now 14-game hitting streak, the longest streak by a Dodger this year, and the longest current streak in the majors.

Here’s how we  blogged it tonight:

New pitching acquisition Bud Norris will step on the mound for the Dodgers tonight as they begin a three-game home stand against division mates the Colorado Rockies.

Meanwhile, Clayton Kershaw is recovering from a back injury, but Dodger Manager Dave Roberts is confident of a swift return. Asked about his expectations for today’s game,  Roberts said, “We expect to win.”

Game Start 7:11 p.m. 74 degrees.



Charlie Blackmon (no relation) flies out.

Christian Adams grounds out to first, sending half his bat to the first base line seats.

Noel Arenado is way out. 1-2-3.

Colorado 0, Dodgers coming up. 


Chase Utley grounds right out to first.

Corey Seager strikes right out.

Justin Turner is at 1-1, 2-1, then flies out to short left field. That would be three outs, per se.

Dodgers 0, Colorado 0



Carlos Gonzales (no relation) with a 7-game hitting streak, fouls a few pitches off in a row. Then is all struck out and what not.

Mark Reynolds finds himself walking to the dugout, all struck out.

Daniel Descalso ends the strikeout fad, singling to first.

Nick Hundley fouls one off, to the section just below me. I should have had it. Dang. Hundley earns himself a walk and a brief chat show on the mound.

Brandon Barnes, he of the tatted-up arms, looks at 0-2. Then strikes out, leaving his teammates all embarrassed on the basepaths.

Dodgers 0, Colorado 0



Adrian Gonzales flies WAY out to left.

Howie Kendrick takes a big cut for 1-2, then 2-2, then gets shot down at first base. (Not literally. be cool.)

Yasiel Puig takes a strike, fouls the next one, adjusts his helmet, gets to 1-2, then swings so hard you can hear it up here.

Dodgers 0, Colorado 0

Pitcher Jorge de la Rosa is out at first.
Charlie Blackmon flies out to short center.
Cristhian Adames is 2-2, then grounds out to first.
Trayce Thompson earns a nice little walk.
Meanwhile the Dodgers go Thompson, 1-2-3…
Dodgers 0, Colorado 0
Nolan Arenado is 2-2, and now just like that is 3-2. And then, just like that, he is out.
And so is Carlos Gonzales, as a matter of fact.
Add Mark Reynolds to that list.
Dodgers 0, Colorado 0
Banker Chase Utley gets to 2-2, and wisely gets to 3-2, …the clapping begins. And stops. And starts again as he draws a walk. Not literally. How would you even do that?
Corey Seager sends one up the middle send Utley to third. Seager has a 14-game hitting streak now.
Oh  look, it’s Justin Turner. Runners on first and third. Turner totally strikes out.
Here comes Adrian Gonzales.and he singles up the middle to bring in Utley, and the Dodgers’ first run. 1 out, runners on first and second, per se.
Howie Kendrick grounds out to first.
Yasiel Puig is staring down the barrel of 3-0…then walks to first.
Trayce Thompson singles and beats it out. but its under review. 45,000 umpires in the building. He is ruled out, and up comes Descalso.

He draws a walk his own self. With his legs.
Nick Hundley hits in to a double play.
Brandon Barnes hits one…..deeep…deeep….to Trayce Thompson.
Dodgers 1, Colorado 0
Yasmani Grandal is way out.
Bud Norris strikes out. Like a pitcher should.
Chase Utley flies out to short center. Like he shouldnt.
Dodgers 1, Colorado 0
Pitcher Jorge De La Rosa goes to 2-2, fouls a couple off, then another…then strikes out.
Charlie Blackmon hits a double past Puig.
Cristhian Adames (no relation) flies out.
Arenado ends the Colorado threat by flying out to left field.
Seager flies out (not literally) to left.
Turner is walked. Up comes Adrian Gonzales, who hits into a double play.
Dodgers 1, Colorado 0
(Adam Liberatore now pitching for the Doyers.)
Carlos Gonzales  gets to 1-1, then 2-2, then 3-2 , then flies out to center field.
(Adam Liberatore now pitching for the Doyers.)
Carlos Gonzales  gets to 1-1, then 2-2, then 3-2 , then flies out to center field.
Mark Reynolds is comfortable at 2-1, more so at 3-1, really comfortable with a walk.
Daniel Descalso is parked at 2-2, as he fouls off pitch after pitch….and another…then gets all strickened out.
(Louis Coleman now pitching for the Doyers)
Nick Hundley sees 0-2 right away. (Still a LOT of people here…) fouls off one or two….1-2…2-2,  two way out pitches…then a fly ball right at Seager.
Dodgers 1, Colorado 0
Let’s all sing!
Kendrick singles to center.
Puig singles to right-ish. Kendrick goes to second
A passed ball moves every body up.
De la Rosa balks, and a run scores.
Puig is tagged out on a long throw by Barnes after a long fly by Thompson.
Grandal  singles to left.
Norris out at first.
Dodgers 2, Colorado 0. 
(Joe Blanton now pitching for Los Doyers)
Ryan Raburn strikes out in his game debut.
Blackmon hits a nice little single to short center.
Adames….(Blackmon safely steals second with no prosecution.) is at 1-2. (There is a pretty decent wave going on right now….)  Adames is at 2-2.  Then Blanton barehands one hit back at the mound.
Dodgers 2, Colorado 0. 
Chase Utley gets caught at first base after a nice bash to second base.
Seager singles to right.
Turner doubles to left, Seager is chillaxing at third.
Gonzales singles to right. In comes Seager to third.
(Chad Qualls now pitching.)
Kendrick doubles deep to center on the first pitch.
Scott Van Slyke  is pinch hitting. He flies out deeeeeep to center, scoring Gonzales, and dirtying Kendricks’ uniform at third. (Paper airlane makes fine one-point lading near home plate.)
Thompson grounds out to first.
Dodgers 5, Colorado 0.
(Pedro Baez now pitching for Los Doyers.)
Arenado is at 1-2, then is strickened out.
Gonzales gets to 2-2,  then is walked-ed.
Reynolds is as strickened out as Arenado.
Descalso grounds out to first.
Cue “I Love LA…”
Dodgers 5, Colorado 0 FINAL

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