Dodgers Drop a Painful One to Chicago, 6-4

No amount of “Yeah Yeah Yeah,” or “boom boom boom!,” could ease the ache of this one.

Behind a two-run homer in the tenth inning by Kris Bryant and the icy-cold work of reliever Arnoldis Chapman, the Chicago Cubs beat the Dodgers 6-4, in ten innings Friday night. It was their fourth loss in five games this season against Chicago. The loss also brought the San Francisco Giants within one game of the Dodgers, after the Giants beat up on the Atlanta Braves, 7-0.

Dexter Fowler, the Cubs’ leadoff hitter set the tone, singled in the game’s first at-bat, and from there, it was a seesaw battle of two of the National League’s strongest teams. Bryant finished the evening with two home runs, and the Cubs, who arrived late to the game, demonstrated a champion’s character, coming back from a 4-2 deficit, after it looked like the Dodgers would coast to a win.

Bryant brought the Cubs within one with his second homer, a two-run shot in the eighth, which tied the score. A wild pitch by the usually reliable Kenley Jansen bounced off the top of Carlos Ruiz’ glove, and brought in a run to tie the score. Bryant’s second homer gave the Cubs the lead for good.

Here’s how we blogged it:



We’re at Dodger Stadium for the first game of the Dodgers-Cubs series. And its Beatles Night!

The Dodgers, winners of four of their last five games, continue their six-game homestand (2-1) and open a three- game series with the Chicago Cubs. Los Angeles opened the homestand by taking two of three games from the San Francisco Giants, which extended its lead to 2.0 games in the NL West.

Following the Chicago series, the Dodgers will embark on a brief three-game road trip to Denver to take on the Rockies Monday-Wednesday.



Dexter Fowler (no relation) looks at two strikes  from Didger starter Bud Norris, then drops a single into shallow right field.

Kris Bryant avoids a double play when Adrian Gonzales drops the throw to first.

Anthony Rizzo singles to first.

Ben Zobrist (No relation) has been up there a long time, fouling off this and that. Now he is at a full count. (Some people here might be from Chicago.) Zobrist is all stricken out.

Addison Russell singles up the middle and whatnot, scoring Bryant.

Jayson Heyward (too much spelling there)  flies out.

Chicago 1, Dodgers coming right up. 


Howie Kendrick singles to first, as Heyward traps the catch.

Corey Seager gets to 2-2,and then seriously strikes out swinging, like seriously.

Justin Turner is out really fast. Kendrick is chillin’ on second.

Adrian Gonzales is all like la la la, at 1-2 and then slowly strikes out.

Chicago 1, Dodgers 0



Jorge Soler is so out right now.

Miguel Montero, named for an automobile,  gets quickly to 2-0. Make that 3-0. Make that a walk.

Mike Montgomery, named for a cat, is at 2-2, …and then gets stricken out.

Dexter Fowler, he of the game’s first hit, goes down swinging.

Kike (!) Hernandez looks at 3-0, and then a strike goes by, and then he is walking on sunshine. Whoa oh! He is walking on sunshine, per se.
Newest Dodger Carlos Ruiz takes a pitch on the thigh. Ow. Runners on first and second.
Josh Reddick is at 2-0 , and there is a chat show on the mound. Reddick dings Montgomery on the shin with a hit ball, then gets thrown out at first. Turnabout…
Chase Utley bangs in Hernandez on a daring sacrifice. We are tied.
Bud Norris is way out.
Dodgers 1, Cubs 1.
Kris Bryant flies out to second, so to speak.
Anthony Rizzo (no relation) flies out to deep-ish center field.
Ben Zobrist is back. 2-2-2. No one on, per se. Stricken out.
Dodgers 1, Cubs 1.
Howie Kendrick foul tips one at 2-2. Then trots to first like a walked person.
Corey Seager bangs a long double into center field. Kendrick is parked at third, and idling.
Turner sacrifices home Kendrick.
Gonzales is at 2-0. Time for a little chat show on the mound, brought to you by The Chicago Cubs. “Located in the Midwest.” Gonzales is thrown out at first.
Kiké (!) Hernandez is now at 2-2-2, like so many others before him. A wild pitch gets away and Seager heads for new digs at third.
Ruiz is comfortably at 3-0, with runners on first and third. make that 3-1. Walk on, Carlos.
Josh Reddick looks at bases loaded, at 2-1, 2-2. He strikes out in front of everyone. And not in a good way.
Dodgers 2, Cubs 1
Addison Russell gets himself a stroll. Back to the dugout.
Jason Heyward.flies out to third, just west of second.
Jorge Soler be out at first.
Dodgers 2, Cubs 1
Chase Utley doubles deep to right field. its his 21st.
Budd Norris bunts Utley to third.
Utley scores on a single by Kendrick.
Seager gets a double when  Soler misplays the ball in left.
Justin Turner is thrown out at first.
Dodgers 3, Cubs 1
Montero singles.
Montgomery beats out the almost-double play.
Dexter Fowler (a name for a jazz musician) is up. Again. He gets to 1-2, 2-2, 3-2, then gets himself, like so many others, stricken out.
Kris Bryant is at 3-0, when suddenly he is walked. The Cubbies have runners on first and second, with a guy named “Rizzo” coming up.
Rizzo (no relation) is at 1-2 with 2 down.  The Chicago fans get all antsy, like a thing is going to happen…and then it does. Rizzo bangs one past Seager, and the place lights up.
The ubiquitous Ben Zobrist is up. Again. He smacks one through the infield, and Chase Utley stretches to snag it. He lobs it to Gonzales. Zobrist is way out.
Dodgers 3, Cubs 2
Gonzales is thrown out at first.
Kiké (!) gets to first as Bryant bobbles the catch at third.
Ruiz is at 2-1, then drives a single to right.
Josh Reddick is way out.
Chase Utley is at bat, 2-1 with 2 outs, runners way leaning, ….he strikes totally out.
Dodgers 3, Cubs 2
Addison Russell gets stricken out by Baéz.
Jayson Heyward is at 1-1. 2-1, 3-2, long fly ball to center. Totally out as far as i can see.
Jorge Soler drops a high fly ball into the infield and the waiting arms of Corey Seager.
Dodgers 3, Cubs 2
Howie Kendrick earns a walk. Totally free.
Seager  is a person who is out. Kendrick is at second.
Justin Turner strikes out.
(I think I missed an out there. I was looking for Jeff and Helen.)
Dodgers 3, Cubs 2. 
Joe Blanton is in to pitch for Los Doyers.
Miguel Montero is looking at 0-2, then 1-2, then, a vicious swing of the air puts him in the dugout.
Matt Szczur is now pinch-hitting. He sends one to shallow center, and Utley runs it down like a 19 year-old.
( I went to go see Jeff and Helen. They’re fine, thanks for asking. While I was away, Adrian Gonzales homered to give the Dodgers a 4-3. Kris Bryant answered in the top of the eighth with a homer of his 0wn.)
Dodgers 4, Cubs 3.
Chase Utley grounds out to first.
Rob Segedin  is out at first.  (Hey, nice glasses!)
Howie Kendrick is at 1-2, 2-2, then gone.
Dodgers 4, Cubs 3. 
Kenley Jansen is pitching for the Doyers.
Jayson Heyward doubles deep to the right field corner.
Jorge Soler is at 2-0, then 2-1, and now 2-2, and now there is a chat show on the mound, as Jansen appears indecisive…Soler fouls off another one. Soler runs out a third strike, and gets shot down at first. Heyward is at second.
A wild pitch to the backstop suddenly scores Heyward, and we are tied.
Jansen strikes out Wilson Contreras to end the inning.
Dodgers 4, Cubs 4.
Corey Seager is at the plate. Travis Wood now pitching for Los Ositos.
Justin Turner, 0 for 4 tonight, strikes out woefully.
Adrian Gonzales, so often the hero, flies out, and we go to the 10th.
Aroldis Chapman now pitching for the Cubbies.
Charlie Culberson singles to right.
Carlos Ruiz is at 0-2. Then 2-1. He sacrifices Culberson to second.
Chase Utley comes up with one out left. He gets to 2-1….he gets to 2-2. That’s all.
Cubs 6, Dodgers 4. FINAL

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