The 2017 Challenger SXT Plus: Let’s Rock


It’s about the tachometer, not the gas gauge

Its been at least a year since we drove machines from the good folks at Dodge. They still remain the home of serious muscle cars; in fact, in 2015, their new Hellcat was described as the fastest street car available in America. So we know where they’re at.

This 2017 Challenger SXT Plus lit up our neighborhood for a week. And we drove it the way it ought to be driven, out on long highway drives, and yes, those short bursts to fast food joints a mile away. It’s so fun to drive, you’ll be thinking of terrible reasons to jump behind the wheel again and again.

We’ve mentioned this before, but it bears repeating. There is a certain safe feeling in driving what is probably the fastest thing around you at any one point; you know that if something goes down, you’re out of there rightnow.

The 3.6 liter V6, 24-valve VVT engine is all about right now, and the TorqueFlite 8-speed automatig trannie gets you to now as smooth as silk.

There is so much power behind the touch of the accelerator, you may find yourself forgetting what this friendly monster can do just changing lanes. img_0467

There is some disorientation from the sheer length of the car, however. Sitting behind the wheel, the hood seems to go on to the coastline, making that parallel parking maneuver just a little trickier, although we managed this bit of parking magic here on the right, in just about three moves of the steering wheel—it’s easier when you get used to this dragon.

Our test model came with a premium trim, which means Nappa leather seats, heated and power everything, BSW all season performance tires, six premium speakers, satellite radio, and the blacktop package, which gives its distinctive look, from the spoiler to the blackout rims, and the blacktop grille badge. It’s the little things.

Forget mileage and watch the tach with this one.

Oh, and walk tall if you’re going to drive this. And dress cool. People are going to be staring.

—Eddie Rivera

MSRP: $35,115.00


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