Small Voter Turnout Could Change CD 1 Results

Provisional and write-in ballots could bring down Cedillo’s victory margin before final certification

While incumbent 1st District Councilmember Gilbert Cedillo appeared to squeak by with a victory over upstart Joe Bray-Ali in Tuesday’s election, the small number of total votes cast could open the possibility of a runoff as provisional and write-in ballots are counted.

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 2.24.15 AM
(Pictured: Candidate Joe Bray-Ali) Write-in and provisional ballots could  change final outcome.

As of 1:26 a.m Wednesday morning, the last official update by the LA County Registrar/Recorder, Cedillo—with a total of 6,702 votes held a 50.98 % lead, compared to Bray-Ali’s 4,750 votes, or 36.13% percentage—could claim a victory and avoid a runoff.

However, those numbers may be deceptive.

Based on the total 13,147 votes, only a small number of votes—either write-in or provisional—for any candidate other than Cedillo, could theoretically drop Cedillo below the 50 % +1 majority needed to win outright.

That number, based on our calculations, is approximately 105.

The provisional votes, however, may also contain votes for Cedillo, changing the needed numbers yet again. The total number of provisional and write-in votes to be counted, is as yet, unknown.

California State Law directs that final voting results be certified no later than 30 days following the election.



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