Doyers Meet the Giants Again at At&T

IMG_2131AT&T PARK, SAN FRANCISCO—In the third game of a four-game series, the Doyers will send Alex Woods to the mound this evening against Los Gigantes. Johnny Cueto will be throwing for San Francisco. 

The two teams are muddled up in the middle of the NL West, but a Dodgers-Giants game is always a good place to make a statement.
Game Time is 7:10 p.m. 
Cody Bellinger strikes out, like  1.2. 3.
Cory Seager singles to first, per se.
Justin Turner does the same. He has a 12-game streak going.
Adrian Gonzales flies out, not literally.
Yasmani Grandal gets to 1-2, then flies out to right, on a sliding catch by Hunter Pence.
Dodgers 0, Giants coming up.
Hunter Pence (Same one) takes 2 strikes, then leans back at 2-1, then strikes totally out.
Brandon Belt (no relation) gets to 0-2 on his own merit, then strikes right out.
Eduardo Nunez grounds out to first.
Dodgers 0, Giants 0.
Yasiel Puig goes down and out swinging.
Chase Utley loses a race to first base.
Andrew Toles puts the “3” in 1-2-3.
Dodgers 0, Giants 0.
Buster Posey thinks he is walking to first. He isn’t. Yet. And he won’t be, being shot down at first base.
Christian Arroyo strikes completely out.
Joe Panik (no relation) gets to 1-2, then says “What up” to strike 3.
Dodgers 0, Giants 0.
( There is a vendor in the stands with a tank full of hot chocolate, filling cups with hot chocolate and whipped cream. He has all my admiration and respect. Seriously!)
Alex Wood gets strickened out.
Cody Bellinger strikes out viciously, on a full count.
Corey Seager grounds all out to first, and everything…
Dodgers 0, Giants 0.
 Gorkys Hernandez gets Gorked out.
Drew is Stubbed out at first. (I’ll stop now.)
Cueto strikes out .
Dodgers 0, Giants 0.
Justin Turner flies out really, really high.
Adrian Gonzales gets to 1-2, 2-2, 2-2, 3-2, then takes his base…
Yasmani Grandal gets to first, when Arroyo makes a fielding bobble, but manages to throw out Gonzales at second.
They’re yelling, “Beat LA” as Arroyo makes another fielding error and Puig gets to first.
Chase Utley is at 1-1, then hits one right at Arroyo. Three down.
Dodgers 0, Giants 0.

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