Dodgers Drop the Reds at the Ravine, 7-2

Sometimes everything goes your way. It went Justin Turner’s way, it went Rich Hill’s way, and it went Kenta Maeda’s way.

So it went the Dodgers’ way, as Justin Turner returned from the disabled list with a first at-bat home run that scored two, kicking off the Dodgers’ 7-2, win, their seventh consecutive victory over the Reds at home.

Southpaw Rich Hill (3-2) was steady as she goes for five innings, tossing 98 pitches and 66 strikes, and striking out five.

After the game, Roberts was quietly pleased about everyone’s performance, singling out Turner, of course, and offering a bit of insight into bringing in sometime starter Kenta Maeda in the sixth inning for his first save of the season, as he allowed one run on three hits, and retiring six, in four innings.

“I wanted to keep Maeda sharp,” said Roberts, “and keep his pitch count up and consistent. He was very strong tonight.” Needless to say.

The Dodger offense also heard the call, as Austin Barnes went 2 for 4, Kiké Hernandez hit a solo shot in the in the eighth, and Franklin Guiterrez had two hits and two ribbies.

The Dodgers are now three games out of first place, and have two more games remaining against the Reds, Saturday and Sunday.

Here’s how we blogged it:




The Dodgers hope to continue their strong past performances against the Cincinnati Reds as Rich Hill takes the mound against the struggling Amir Jarrett. The Dodgers have beaten the Reds six games in a row, and have won the last five home series against them, including a three-game home sweep last year.

Justin Turner also returns to the Dodgers following a pulled ankle injury. And it’s LGBT Night!



67 Degrees. First pitch 7:10.

Billy Hamilton fouls off the first pitch from Hill. He takes two more strikes, and that be that.

Zack Cosart takes two. Strikes. Make that three.

Joey Votto (no relation) gets to 1-1, and rapidly finds himself with a full count, as he grounds out to first. 1-2-3.

Reds 0, Dodgers, coming up


Chris Taylor is 2-1, per se. And 3-1.And jogs to first. Things seem to be moving accordingly.

Corey Seager flies out to as deep in left as one can.

Justin Turner returns in dramatic style, homering to deep left, scoring Taylor and himself as well, per se.

Dodgers 2, Reds 0.



Eugenio Suarez barely arrives, and is 0-2. Not in a good way. 1-2. 2-2. 3-2. See how that happens? And he walks. Life is funny that way.

Scott Schebler smacks one hard at Forsythe. But fails to shoot down Suarez, who dashes back to first.

Kivlehan is safe at first, when Hill throws wide, drawing Seager off the bag, as such.

Jose Peraza is 1-1-1. Runners on first as as well as second. 2-2. He singles home Suarez.

Tucker Barnhart sits at 2-1 with both runners leading. He hits into a double play, and that is that, in a way.

Dodgers 2, Reds 1.


Austin Barnes hits one back at Jarrett who tries to barehand it. The force of the hit knocks Jarrett to the ground and off the mound. ………He is still down. He rises, slowly, and stays in the game, apparently. Finally, he walks off.

Jake Buchanan is pitching for the Reds.

Bellinger takes the first pitch for a strike, then flies out to center.

Kike Hernandez leads the Dodgers quietly off and out of the inning.

Dodgers 2, Reds 1.



Billy Hamilton flies out to Seager.

Zack Cozart is at 2-2…fouls off a a few..earns a walk for his patience.

Joey Votto (still no relation) gets to 2-0,..2-2…fouls off two…fouls off three…then flies out to Guiterrez.

Suarez grounds out to end the inning.

Dodgers , Reds 1.


Taylor is at 2-1, then singles up the middle.

Seager also finds himself at 2-1, then singles, as Taylor gets gunned down at second.

Turner flies out to center.

Guiterrez singles to left.

Forsyth is at 2-2, fouling off a couple…The count is full, and he walks. Bases be loaded.


Bellinger singles, but Buchanan throws THIS FAR wide of first. Two runs score.

Hernandez flies out to right.

Dodgers 4, Reds 1



Sssh. Reds go vewy vewy quietly.


Taylor doubles to the left corner, as Kivlehan stumbles, trying to field it.

Seager singles.

Turner is grazed by a pitch. He dashes off to first. Again, bases be loaded.

Guiterrez drives one to left, scoring Taylor and Seager.

Blake Wood now pitching for Los Rojos.

Forsyth is at 2-1…2-2,…and hits into a double play.

Dodgers 6, Reds 1.



Buchanan is way out.

Bellinger reeeeeeaches for a foul by Hamilton. One out.

Cosart strikes out.

Dodgers 6, Reds 1.


Kenta Maeda now pitching for Los Doyers.


Votto shot down at first.

Suarez strikes, strikes, strikes out.

Schebler gets his name in the paper with another strikeout.



Yasiel Puig is in the house, after a fashion. He bangs out a worm burner, and is out at first.

Taylor strikes out.

Seager is at 2-0, then 2-1, 3-1, …then strolls to first.

Turner flies out to center.

Dodgers 6, Reds 1


Kivlehan strikes out. That’s on him.

Peraza grounds out to first.

Barnhart strikes out, slamming his bat to the ground.

Dodgers 6, Reds 1


Pitcher Kenta Maeda flies out to deeeeeeeeeep left, giving the fans a little thrill.

Forsyth chops one to right field.

Barnes is out by a wild hair at first.

Bellinger is at 3-1, as the Reds pitching seems resigned to a loss. Oh wait, Bellinger strikes out. Hope flickers from Seneca to Cuyahoga Falls.

Dodgers 6, Reds 1. 



Hamilton leads a quiet Reds effort, really quietly.

Dodgers 6, Reds 1


Kike Hernandez homers to the right field bleachers.

Puig grounds out to first.

Taylor is also out at first, likewise.

Seager is out at first.

Dodgers 7, Reds 1. 


Joey Votto (Still no relation) sends one into the left field bleachers. Not in a good way.

Suarez is done.

Schebler is also done, per se.

Kivlehan flies out to short right field.

















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