Dodgers Drop Second Game in a Row to Reds, 6-2

The weather was cool and cloudy this afternoon as the Dodgers gathered for batting practice before facing off against the Cincinnati Reds tonight. Cool and cloudy like the Dodgers season so far.

Cincinnati teed off against them like the second coming of the Houston Astros, as the Dodgers (16-22) were pounded 6-2 giving up nine hits to go along with the six runs.

Jesse Winker set the stage very early, when he knocked Kenta Maeda’s first pitch deep into the right field corner. Things didn’t improve a whole lot after that. The Reds dropped them like a bad habit, 6-2.

Nothing went well for the Dodgers, except for perhaps newcomer Max Muncy, who scored the Dodgers two runs, and Chris Taylor, who tripled and scored a run. Muncy homered in the seventh and drove in Taylor in the fifth.

Reds pitcher Matt Harvey (1-2) pitched like his parents were in the audience. While he didn’t get the win, he effectively turned off the Dodgers’ bats for his four inning  appearance, allowing only one hit and striking out two.

Austin Brice happily took the win.  The cloudy-looking Dodgers will try for sunny skies again tomorrow and Sunday.

Here’s how we blogged it:


DODGER STADIUM, LOS ANGELES—After dropping their first game last night, 4-1, the Doyers will send Kenta Maeda (2-2, 4.20 ERA) to the mound to face the Red’s Matt Harvey (0-2, ERA 7.00). It’s the second game in a six-game home stand. 

The Dodgers are currently 16-21 with too many painful losses, but they’ve had a good history against the Reds. Last night’s loss was their first after eight wins against them in  row. The 2013 Dodgers also started out 16-21, but won the division that year, so, you know….

See you here at 7:10 p.m. 



Jesse Winker doubles the first pitch of the corner in deep right.

Jose Peraza (no relation) strikes out.

Joey Votto gets to first.

Scooter Gennett  is at 0-1, 1-1, then gets Winker gets shot down on his way to second, Gennett scoots to first. Winker comes home.

Eugenio Suarez is at 0-2, make that 1-2. A couple of foul tips, 2-2. Strike three.

Runners on first and second, and Scott Schelber is at 3-1. Kenta is almost surrounded by baserunners. 3-1, and Votto is leeeaaning….Schelber walks.

Chat show on the mound. Medea is in trouble pretty early, make that really early.

Tucker Barnhart is quickly at 0-2, then bangs one out to Puig in Right.

Cincinnati 1, Dodgers coming up.

Maeda throws a buzzcut.


Chase Utley comes to the plate to the strains or Led Zep’s “Kashmir.”  1-0. 2-0. He flies out to short left.

Joe Pederson (no relation) flies out to right.

Yasmani Grandal be at 1-0. He be at 1-1. He be grounding out to first.

Reds 1, Dodgers 0.



Matt Harvey grounds out to first.

Billy Hamilton is at 0-1, 0-2, and bye. Bye.

Winker, he of the first hit of the game, is at 1-1. (The really, really chatty guy with the annoying voice sitting right over there, finally got up and left…..) Winker is done.

Reds 1, Dodgers 0.


Matt Kemp flies out to right.

Cody Bellinger takes one really inside, but not inside. And then, a bad miscommunication in the outfield between Schebler and Harvey turns a routine fly into a triple.

Chris Taylor  is at 2-2 , and now the count is like, really full. He strikes out, really out.

Max Muncy, (no relation) is at 1-1, then flies out to short center. Bellinger is not amused.

Reds 1, Dodgers 0.



Jose Peraza is at 2-1, 2-2, and then doubles to left.

Joey Votto (no relation) is out at first, and Peraza takes out a short-term lease on third.

Scooter Gennett drops a single into short left, scoring Peraza.

Suarez drops one of his own into short left. Reds have six hits so far. Dodgers have, like, one.

Schebler is at 0-2, then 1-2, then, 2-2, and then he walks back to the dugout, not that happy.

Barnhart singles to right, Gennett jogs home. Seven hits for the Reds, not in a good way.

Reds 3, Dodgers 0.


Yasiel Puig takes a strike…,and then fouls one off, and another one…one outside, and then strike three.

Kenta Maeda is at 1-1, and fouls off one more. 2-2. 3-2. He flies out to center field.

Chase Utley flies out to left. Chase Utley. Done.

Reds 3, Dodgers 0.



Winker grounds out to first, 5-3.

Peraza does the same.

Votto loses a race to first.

Reds 3, Dodgers 0.



Winker grounds out to first, 5-3.

Peraza does the same.

Votto loses a race to first.

Reds 3, Dodgers 0.


Pederson and Grandal both go quietly. Ssssssh.

Kemp. on a full count, flies out to short center.

Reds 3, Dodgers 0.



Votto (again?) draws a walk. Not literally.

Gennett (again?) sends one deeeeep into right field bleachers, scoring himself and Votto.

Schebler is shot down like a bank robber by Max Muncy (no relation).

Barnhart fools Puig in center with a hit loaded with backspin, as he arrives at second.



Bellinger flies out.

Chris Taylor  triples to deep center.

Muncy doubles to deep left, scoring Taylor.

Puig is at 3-2. Out.

Barnes. Out.

Reds 5, Dodgers 1.


Maeda is done. Scott Alexander now pitching for Los Doyers.

Hamilton is way out.

Winker walks. Say that three times fast.

Peraza is at 1-2…the count is now full. He singles, Winker is out at second. Peraza steals second.


Votto (again?!) is a t 2-1. 3-1.  Stuff happened. The inning ended.

(Okay, life got in the way. We are in the bottom of the 6th. 5-1 Reds. Pederson is on second. Grandal is batting.) He is at 0-2. She strikes out.

Matt Kemp strikes out, flips his bat. Says something coarse. Gets tossed from the game.

Gennett is out of there. So Is Suarez. And down goes Schebler.



Bellinger ducks away from one way inside. He swings and misses the next, And the next. and the next.

Chris Taylor mows the air.

Muncy homers into the bleachers in deep right.

After a short summit meeting involving both coaches and a few umpires, Puig loses the race to first base,

Reds 5, Dodgers 2.



Barnhart gets walked-ed.

Adam Duvall is at 0-2. 1-2. He takes his turn at mowing the air.

Brock is hit by the ball in the lower back, and still scrambles and manages to throw Hamilton out, going to first. And then another Red is out. I can’t keep track of everything, people.


Kike Hernandez, making his first disappearance, flies out to Schebler in right.

Kyle Farmer, swings at two pitches in a row, then fouls off two. He hits one right at Garrett, who throws him out at first.

Pederson flies out to short left.

They’re playing The Ramones.


Jose Peraza grounds out to first.

Joey Votto (Again???!!!) (I left for a moment, Puig made a throwing error, the Reds put men on second and third, and have now scored another run…)

Blandino is at 2-2, 3-2, gets hit by Stewart, goes to first.

Barnhart flies out to left.

Reds 6-Dodgers 2.


Grandal gets to to 2-2 as soon as I look up. Now 3-2. He draws a walk, not liter—you know what I mean.

Tim Lacastro gets himself to first, and Grandal is out at second.

Bellinger is hit just below the right shoulder. There is action in the Cincinnati bullpen.

Taylor strikes out, unbelieving,-ish.

Muncy flies out to left.

Reds 6, Dodgers 2. Final










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