Over 100,000 Californians Participate in CA Clean Air Day

Elected officials, Business leaders, non-profits, schools, and individuals take more than 750,000 actions to clear the air on California’s first Clean Air Day.

LOS ANGELES, CA – Over 100,000 people took part in California Clean Air Day, the first of its kind statewide day of action to reduce air pollution in schools, cities, homes, and businesses across the state.
According to organizers, Clean Air Day was launched “to address misconceptions that we’ve solved our air quality issues and reinforce the message that individuals, organizations, and communities across the state can take simple steps to clean the air.”
Individuals and organizations had been taking an online pledge to take action on Clean Air Day, and those pledges resulted in more than 750,000 actions tallied statewide in conjunction with Clean Air Day.
Carpooling, changing air filters, switching out harmful cleaning products, and opting not to drive were just some actions taken. In communities across the state, organizations led efforts to change behaviors to clear the air.
Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 8.55.11 PM
Metro issues Clean Air Day Tap cards.

In Los Angeles, Metro issued commemorative Clean Air Day TAP Cards depicting images of Clean Air. During that evening, the pylons at LAX and the top of the US Bank Tower in Los Angeles both were illuminated in “Clean Air Blue” to commemorate the state day of action.

In San Bernardino, the entire student body of Neal Roberts Elementary School (450 students) took the Clean Air pledge with members of the LA Galaxy and elected officials onhand. In Inglewood, an art contest held in partnership between the City of Inglewood, Inglewood Unified School District, and local nonprofit and business partners educated youth on air pollution.

In San Francisco, the city promoted a “no idling” campaign at local schools to educate parents on the impact of idling on student heath by talking to them in the drop-off and pick-up lines around schools.

Californians flocked to transit in new ways, with many trying buses or transit systems for the first time. Further, U.C. San Francisco, San Francisco’s 2nd largest employer, deployed their first 15 100% zero emission battery electric shuttle buses to replace their older diesel/gasoline models. And in the city of Porterville, they put their first zero emission bus into service on California Clean Air Day.
Businesses also participated in Clean Air Day by incentivizing employees and customers to take actions. From American Honda to Dignity Health to AEG to Comerica Bank, hundreds of organizations participated across the state. (A regularly updated list can be found at cleanairday.org.)
Organizations were also hosting community clean-ups and tree plantings this week in conjunction with Clean Air Day, as was seen in Fresno on September 29th when dozens cleared a lot for tree planting in partnership with Fresno Building Healthy Communities. On October 6, the Bakersfield community will join together for a bike ride and tree planting in their community.
Caltrans also programmed highway message boards to “Clean Air Day Oct 3 Travel Clean AND Green” in the week leading up to October 3, and then “Clean Air Day Oct 3 Walk Bike Carpool Transit” on Clean Air Day.
“Clean air is such an important issue for our communities,” said Joseph K. Lyou, the president and CEO of the Coalition for Clean Air, who is coordinating the statewide day of action. “We are proud to be a part of this effort and look forward to continue engaging our stakeholders around things they can do to clear the air on October 3rd and beyond.”

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