Dodgers Drop Cubs 5-3, in Second Home Date at the Ravine

Rich Hill delivered a gritty performance and the Dodger bats performed admirably when pressed, as the Dodgers beat the Chicago Cubs 5-3, for their second straight victory of the four-game home stand, and their third straight of the season.

Here’s how we followed it:

The Dodgers continue their  11-game homestand (1-0) with the second of four contests against the Chicago Cubs, following last night’s 7-3 victory. 

Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 6.50.15 PM
The Dodgers’ Rich Hill

Los Angeles has won six consecutive games at home with a Major League-best .741 (20-7) winning percentage since May 12. Following the Cubs’ series, L.A. gets visits from their NL West rivals as the San Francisco Giants (4 games) and Colorado Rockies (3) come to town next week. Thus far, the Dodgers and Cubs have split their four games this season. Los Angeles is 10-4 vs. the Cubs at Dodger Stadium since 2015. Los Angeles leads the National League in victories (46) and winning percentage (.667) .The Dodgers’ Rich Hill will be on the mound, facing the Cubs’ Kyle Hendricks.



Kyle Schwarber (no relation) faces Hill. It’s 0-1. Taylor guns him down at first base.

Kris Bryant (no relation) sends the next pitch up the middle past Taylor, and heads to first.

Anthony Rizzo (No relation) is at 1-2. He bounces a double off a Cubs’ fan’s chest for a double, and the call is being reviewed. Make that a home run. Cubs lead 2-0.

Center fielder Javier Baez is stricken out.

Wilson Contreras (no relation) is at 1-1. He singles to just northeast of second base.

Albert Almora Jr. sees two strikes in a row whiz by. Make that three.

Cubs 2, Dodgers coming up.


Joc Pederson flies out WAY up there.

Alex Verdugo (no relation*) is at 2-1. 3-1. He flies out to third base.

Justin Turner gazes at 1-2. 2-2. He flies out to center where Almora nabs it with one hand, all cool-like.



Jason Heyward singles, steals second.

Kyle Hendricks is, well, out.

Addison Russell gets strickened out as well.

Kyle Schwarber gets a count that is full. And strikes out.


Cody Bellinger looks at a strike. And grounds out to first.

Max Muncy, who has hit 11 homers in his last 40 games, is looking at 3-1. He doubles to center, just getting to second on time.

Chris Taylor flies out to the left corner.

Matt Beatty sends a 2-2 pitch to the right field bleachers, tying up the game on his first major league home run.

Russell Martin strolls to first.

Rich Hill grounds to first. We’re tied, per se.

Dodgers 2, Cubs 2.


Kris Bryant hits an 0-1 pitch into the bleachers to give the Cubbies back the lead.

Baez is way out.

Contreras doubles to center.

Almora is at 2-2 with two down. Count be full.He strikes out and hops up and down.

Dodgers 2, Cubs 3. 

Joc Pederson strikes out.

Verdugo grounds out to first.

Turner delivers a 2-2 pitch to the right field bleachers, tying the game.

Bellinger is at 3-2. He fusses over a called strike before walking to first. There is a chat show on the mound.

Max Muncy flies out to Javier Baez.

Dodgers 3, Cubbies 3.



Heyward flies out to very deep center.

Hendricks strikes out.

Russell is at 1-1, and then loses a race to first base with Rich Hill.


Taylor flies out to short left.

Beatty doubles to center.

Russell Martin is at 2-2 with one down. And the count is full. He flies out to right, per se.

Pitcher Hill is at the plate. He singles, scoring Beatty, who is having a pretty good night.

Pederson is out. Really out.

Dodgers 4, Cubs 3.



Schwarber (not a middle eastern meal) is at 1-2. Oh, not anymore. K.

Kris Bryant is long out, as is Anthony Rizzo. Ssssh. The Cubbies go quietly this inning.


Alex Verdugo looks at two outside pitches. While outside. He singles to way deep right field.

Turner flies out to right, but there is a chat show on the mound. Kyle Ryan comes in to pitch for the Cubpersons.

Bellinger is at 1-2 as Ryan dances with Turner on first. We’re still at 2-2. Hows it going? Bellinger singles and sends Verdugo to third.

Muncy (no relation) hits into a sacrifice, as Turner is out at second. Verdugo beats the attempt at home plate, and scores.

Chris Taylor is out at home, ironically.

Dodgers 5, Cubs 3. 



Verdugo makes a circus catch in center to stop Baez in his tracks.

Verdugo  robs Contreras in center.

Verdugo handles all three outs, fielding Almora.


Matt Beatty, he of the Pretty Good Night, dribbles one to Ryan, who throws him out.

Another chat show on the mound. Brad Brach is now pitching for the small bears.

Russell Martin gets to 2-1. 2-2. He is done.

Hill is at 1-2. He hits one right at Brach, who shoots him down at first.

Dodgers 5, Cubs 3.



Heyward grounds out to first.

David Bote (no relation) looks at 1-1, then doubles to deep right.

Russell strikes out

Schwarber is at 1-2. 2-2 with 2 down. His chance to be a hero comes and goes.

Dodgers 5, Cubs 3.


Kike (no relation) Hernandez grounds out to first.

Verdugo is outta here.

Turner sees 3-0. 3-1. And now he is walking on sunshine, after a fashion, so to speak.

Bellinger arrives at a full count. And, look, there he is on first.

Muncy, with runners on first and second, is at 3-0. The bases are loaded.

Taylor gets to 3-0. He hits a long fly ball to center that Almora handles.

Dodgers 5, Cubs 3.



Pedro Baez now pitching for the Doyers.

Bryant singles.

Rizzo flies out to the deep left corner.

Baez pitching to Baez. Strike one. 1-1. 2-1. 2-2. 2-2. 3-2. Baez flies out to deep, deep center, much to Baez’ relief.

Contreras flies out. Out.


Max Beatty is at 1-1. And then he is at 1-2. And the count is full. Down he goes.

Martin is cruising along at 1-2, and he is gone. There is  another chat show on the mound. In comes Pedro Strop for the little bears.

Kyle Garlick (no relation) has a full count with 2 down. He earns a walk.

Okay, on to the ninth.

Dodgers 5, Cubs 3.

Reliever Kenley Jansen faces Carlos Gonzales and greets him with a ball and a strike. 2-1. 2-2. Carlos is fanned. Not in a good way.

Heyward says “Hello” to Jansen with a swinging strike. He watches the next strike go by. The next is way outside. And the next one. We’re at 2-2. He hits one through Beatty. Runner on first.

Bote is at 0-2. 0-3.  There are two down.

Heyward goes to third on a balk by Jansen.

Victor Caratini gets to 1-1. That would be 1-2. Jensen strikes him out.

Final: Dodgers 5, Cubs 3.













*That’s just there to make the author laugh.




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