Dodgers Spoil Rookie Debut; Lose to Nachos 5-2

21-year old right hander makes his major league debut tonight

The San Diego Nachos (Yes, we know, we know…) spoiled a hard-working debut from Dodger rookie right hander Dustin May tonight, as the Nachos came back from a 2-1 deficit, and never looked back.
May was strong early in the game, retiring the side in the top of the first, but the Nachos broke the game open in the sixth, after falling behind 2-1.
Wil Myers dropped a single down in short left field, followed by a single into short right by former Doyer Manny Machado. Myers came home on a single by Myers.
 Josh Naylor then doubles, scoring Hosmer and Machado, after Negron couldn’t find the handle on Naylor’s deep shot to center.
Myers then brought pinch hitter Greg Garcia home with a single in the seventh.
A single by Turner in the bottom of the ninth woke the crowd, but then, so did the fireworks.
The Doyers will meet the Nachos again Saturday in the second game of a four-game series.
Here’s how we blogged it:
21 year-old rookie Dustin May will take the mound for the Doyers’ against the San Diego Nachos in the second game of their Doyers’ four-game series against San Diego. Lefty Eric Lauer will pitch for San Diego. 
Following the San Diego series, the Dodgers—currently 72-39—will face the always tough St. Louis Cardinals.
Screen Shot 2019-08-02 at 4.04.01 PM
Dustin May
The Dodgers hammered the Nachos Thursday night, 8-2. They’re currently in first place in the National League West, with a 72-39 record. The action begins at 7:10 p.m. Attendance 50,780.
Dustin May (no relation) retires Fernando Tatis on two pitches.
Will Myers is at 2-2., then singles to short center field.
Former Doyer Manny Machado takes May to 3-0,  then hits into a double play. (No relation).
May retires the side in the first inning.
Nachos 0, Doyers coming up.
Tyler White stares at a strike. He flies out to right field.
 Max Muncy flies out to deep center field.
Justin Turner brings a beard to bat. He is at 2-1. Actually 2-2. He swings at the air.

Nachos 0, Doyers 0.
Eric Hosmer is at 2-1. 2-2. He smacks one hard into short right field.
Hunter Renfroe is at 2-2 with no outs, per se. He looks at strike 3. Hard. It doesnt look back.
Josh Naylor climbs to 2-1. He singles to first, and sends Hosmer to second.
Mejia takes a strike, then a ball, then singles home Hosmer.
Urias finds himself at 1-1. One down. 1-2. He taps one. Still 2-1. He hits into a textbook double play.
Nachos 1,  Doyers 0.
Bellinger up to bat (“Hotel California”? Really? Really?) He takes a big gulp of air past his bat. He takes another one, just like the other one. Now, he is gone, man, really gone.
Corey Seager gets to 2-0. He gets to 2-1. 3-1. He flies out on what might be described as a lazy fly ball to left. Why it’s called that, I don’t know. You see, the velocity required….never mind.
Will Smith looks at three balls in a row. And a strike. He flies out to first, and the inning decides to end.
Nachos 1,  Doyers 0.
Eric Lauer strikes right out.
Tatis does the same, not to be outshone.
Will Myers flies out to right field. Right over there.
Nachos 1, Doyers 0
Alex Verdugo (no relation) comes up to the strains of “Volver Volver”. (It’s a Mexican thing.) 1-2. Make that 2-2.
He strikes out. Without the music.
Kristopher Negron goes deeeeeeep to right, but it falls just short of the King’s Hawaiian Bread sign.
Rookie Dustin May is at 2-2., then gets gunned down at first.
Nachos 1,  Doyers 0.
(Kiss Cam!!)
Former Doyer Manny Machado flies out to first base.
Hosmer (if that’s his real name) stands at 2-1. He is done at first.
Renfroe is retired, after a fashion.
Nachos 1,  Doyers 0.
White is out at first.
Muncy singles sharply to short center.
Turner is at 2-1, he looks wisely at 3-1. 3-2. He gets fanned.
Bellinger homers, driving in two runs.
Seager is out at first by about a kilometer.
Dodgers 2, Nachos 1.
Naylor is way way out at first.
Mejia (no relation) bunts perfectly for a single.
Urias is at 2-0. 2-1. He stares down a strike. 2-2. He bangs one at Turner, who does all he can just to stop. Mejia goes to second. He gets picked off moments later by Smith, as he leans in the wrong direction.
Lauer strikes out out.
Dodgers 2, Nachos 1.
Will Smith flies out way deep to center.
Alex “No relation” Verdugo strikes out so discreetly I don’t think half the people here even knew. Now you know.
Negron gets a full count, then singles up the middle.
May, in a busy at-bat, grounds out to first.
Dodgers 2, Nachos 1.
Tateis hits it right at Turner. One down.
Myers is at 1-2, then drops a crisp one down in short left field.
Machado smacks one into short right.
Hosmer looks at a strike, then 2-2, then singles to right, scoring Myers.
Renfroe is at 1-1, he is at 2-1, then 2-2, flying out to Turner at third.
Naylor doubles, scoring Hosmer and Machado, after Negron can’t field his deep shot to center.
Chat show on the mound. In comes Pedro Baez.)
Mejia at bat, with Naylor on second. 1-1. He flies out to catcher Smith.
Nachos 4, Doyers 2.
White, 0 for 2 so far, gets to a full count. Make that 0 for 3.
Muncy hits it right at Lauer, who comes up with a circus catch.
Turner 1-1. 1-2. Followed by an embarrassing strikeout.
Nachos 4, Doyers 2. 
 Urias is at 2-1. Now 3-2. Baez strikes him out.
Pinch hitter Greg Garcia doubles deep to center.
Tatis is at 2-0. A big swing makes it 2-1. We’re at 3-2. Tatis goes down on strikes.
Myers, with an excellent wave going, and Garcia dancing off second, is at 1-1. He singles perfectly to left, scoring Garcia.
Machado, with the third base line crowd roaring, “Manny sucks!,” strikes out.
Nachos 5, Dodgers 2. 
(If someone walks, and you hear “Walking on Sunshine,” ahem, I told Dieter Ruhl to play it.)
Bellinger flies right out to short center field.
Seager quickly gets to 2-2. Then a full count. Then he is so out of there.
Smith is at 3-0. 3-1. He flies out deep to center field.
Nachos 5, Dodgers 2. 
Casey Sadler now pitching for the Doyers.
Hosmer, hitting impressively tonight, looks at 0-2. He looks at 1-2, then smacks one at Turner, who can’t backhand it, and throws weakly to first. Then, Hosmer, risking it, gets shot down by Smith while trying to make off with second base. No charges were filed.
Renfroe, meanwhile, sends one to left, as the Nachos continue to rack up hits.
Naylor is seeing 0-2, then 2-2, like that, and walks to first.
Mejia is all 1-1, and like that…He flies out to deep right, and sends Renfroe to third for a brief visit.
Urias gets himself stricken out. That’s on him, man.
Nachos 5, Dodgers 2. 
Yimi Garcia (no relation) now pitching for the Doyers.
Manuel Margot is being out.
Tatis looks at 3-1. Tatis looks at 3-2. He doubles on a bounce into the stands and back.
Myers very slowly strikes out.
Machado strikes out.
Nachos 5, Dodgers 2. 
White, 0 for three so far, is at 1-2, grounds out to first. Um, zero for quatre.
Max Muncy looks at a strike. Then he swings for another. 0-2. He then drops one into the glove of Myers.
Turner, starving at the plate tonight, looks at a strike. He is at 1-2. He singles to left, keeping the Doyers on life support. He steals second. “Defensive Indifference.” He takes third.
Bellinger, meanwhile, is at 2-2-2. He strikes out, as the fans get comfy for the fireworks show.

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