Dodgers Drop a Painful One to the Diamondbacks at the Ravine, 3-2

How painful was the Dodgers’ loss to the Ugly Uniforms? Ask A.J. Pollock.

Already reeling from two home runs by Ugly Uniforms’ Carson Kelly, the Dodgers hopes were dashed when a pitch that appeared to hit Pollock on the wrist was ruled an out, since the rebound was caught by that same Kelly in the bottom of the eleventh. The loss snapped the Dodgers 5-game winning streak, and spoiled Walker Buehler’s six scoreless innings.

Kenley Jansen lost the handle on the save early, giving up Kelly’s first home run, as reliever Julio Arias allowed Kelly’s second round trip in the top of the eleventh.

Prior to Kelly’s homer, the Dodgers were cruising along on the strength of Walker Buehler’s gritty performance. Buehler had worked himself out of three early crises with a runner on third, and was likely feeling confident when he was relieved by Pedro Baez, who kept the Uglies quiet in the eighth.

The Dodgers took a 2-0 lead into the ninth before Kelly’s first home run.

Here’s how we blogged it.:

With a 17-game lead and a Major-league leading 77 victories, the Dodgers face their NL West Division mates, the Arizona Ugly Uniforms, also referred to as the Diamondbacks.

Dodger Righthander Walker Buehler (10-2) will face Arizona’s Robbie Ray, he of the wicked slider pitch.

The Dodgers are a season-high 37 games over .500, and a Major League best 46-15 (.754) at home this season. The 2017 unit was the best home team in Los Angeles Dodger history at 57-24 (.704), while the Brooklyn Dodgers hold the best-mark in
franchise history with a .779 winning percentage. The Dodgers’ .754
winning percentage is the fourth highest in National League history and
ranks 13th in Major League Baseball history.


Jarrod Dyson (no relation) flies out to left, way left.

Ketel Marte gets all stricken out.

Eduardo Escobar gets to a full count, then grounds out to first. 5-3 on the putout. Someone just said that. Don’t be impressed. Ugly Uniforms go 1-2-3.

Arizona 0-Dodgers coming up


A.J. Pollock (no relation) flies out to left, for no reason.

Justin Turner doesn’t look so much like that AM/PM guy anymore. He flies out to deeeeeeep left.

Will Smith comes up to the plate with  the “Fresh Prince” theme song. He is at 1-1.1-2. It’s 2-2, and he flies out to first to a person wearing a really ugly uniform.

Arizona 0-Dodgers 0



David Peralta, no relation to my friend Joe Peralta, who questioned my sweater in 8th grade, gets to 2-2. The count is really full now. He jogs to first, like he’s being chased.

Christian Walker bangs an out to Seager, but the Dodgers cant get the double play. One out, per se. (Those Arizona uniforms might have looked cool in 1983, but..)

Jake Lamb draws a walk, literally, sort of. Buehler’s second walk.

Nick Ahmed gets to 2-1, and then 3-1. 3-2. Ahmed strikes far out.

Carson Kelly (if that’s his real name) gazes at a strike. He walks. It’s Buehler’s third.

Pitcher Robbie Ray is at 1-2. He strikes out. That little crisis is averted. For now. Per se. As such. Ad infinitum.


Cody Bellinger is rapidly at 0-2. Make that 1-2 (no relation). 2-2. He flies right out to the catcher, Carson Kelly.

Kris Negron also looks at two strikes. And then, it’s 1-2. 2-2 with a wild pitch in the ground. The count is filled up. It’s still filled. Strike three. He uses all of them.

Max Muncy sends one to Katel Marte who loses sight of the ball for a moment, then snags it.

Dodgers 0, Ugly Uniforms 0.



Dyson (him again?) gets to 1-2, despite his hideous uniform, and just to spite me, drives one up the middle.

Ketel Marte (I think that’s a cocktail) looks at a strike, then looks at a ball. 1-1. Then looks at a strike. 2-2. He bangs out a single his own self, and sends Dyson to third.

Escobar is at 0-2, then breezes out.

Peralta swings at the air, then ignores a strike. He then hits it right at Seager, who tries to throw out at Dyson at third. No luck. There are two down.

Walker takes a strike, and takes another for luck. As Marte scrambles for second, Walker strikes out. Another crisis averted.

Dodgers 0, Ugly Uniforms 0


Seager doubles off the wall for a double.

Tyler White (no relation) is at 2-1. Then 3-1. He gets walked-ed. Dieter plays “Walking on Sunshine.”

Buehler lays down an excellent sacrifice bunt. White and Seager move to second and third, respectively, per se.

A.J Pollock flies out to left. Seager comes home.

Turner looks at a ball. He is at 1-1. 2-1. 2-2. The count is, like, full. Turner goes to first, walking.

Smith is at 2-0. And 2-1. He doubles to second, scoring White.

Chat show on the mound. Bellinger gets walked. With intent.

Negron is at 0-2. He is at 1-2. 2-2. The count fills up. He is out at first.

Dodgers 2, Uglies 0.



Jake lamb goes back to the dugout.

Nick Ahmed is out at first.

Kelly is out at first. 1.2.3.

Dodgers 2, Uglies 0.


Muncy takes two strikes just like that. And then one more because strikeout.

Seager grounds out to first.

White is being at 1-2. He is currently being struck out. 1.2.3.

Dodgers 2, Uglies 0.



Beuehler strikes out Ray on three pitched pitches.

Dyson gets walked-ed.

Marte is out at first. Dyson heads to second.

Escobar is at 2-1, then flies out to right.

Dodgers 2, Uglies 0.


Buehler strikes out to Ray on five pitches.

A.J. Pollock ( no relation)  is quickly at 0-2. He strikes out like he has somewhere else to be.

Turner sees two quick strikes. He dribbles one to Ray, who throws him out at first.

Dodgers 2, Uglies 0.



Peralta helps White by hitting the ball right to first base.

Walker hits one off the left field wall, but a deadly throw by Negron keeps him at first.

Jake Lamb (no relation) sends the ball neatly to short left.

Ahmed sees 0-2 in his immediate future, like now. He gets to 1-2. Then sees a strike out. Like now.

Kelly flies out to leeeeeft.

Dodgers 2, Uglies 0.


Will Smith is strickened out.

Bellinger’s at bat song is “Hotel California.” Ick. Bellinger gets to 2-2. Count full. Just act natural. Bellinger gets shot down at first.

Ray stops Negron with a no-look catch before tossing him out at first.

Dodgers 2, Uglies 0.



Pedro Baez (we’re related) is in to pitch for Buehler.

Wilmer Flores is at 1-1. He drops one softly on to the grass in front of Negron.

Bellinger steals one from Dyson in right field.

Marte sees 0-2. He strikes out loud.

Escobar, in an ugly uniform, gets to 1-1. 1-2. Out.

Dodgers 2, Uglies 0.



Peralta is out at first.

Walker gets tagged at first trying to s t r e t c h out a single. We’ve all learned something here tonight.

Lamb goes out at first, like, well….

Dodgers 2, Uglies 0.


Edwin Rios is way out at first.

There is a chat show on the mound.

A.J. Pollock flies out to short center.

Turner watches a strike sail by. He swings at the next one, which manages to avoid his bat. 2-2-2. He strikes out, sullenly.

Dodgers 2, Uglies 0.



Now pitching for the Doyers, Kenley Jansen.

Ahmed singles to left.

Kelly is at 1-2. 2-2. No outs. Ahmed makes a dash for second. Um. no. Come back, please.

Kelly socks one into the bleachers, scoring Ahmed and his own self. There are no outs.

Avila is at 2-2. He strikes out, much to his surprise.

Dyson beats everyone to first, after a perfect bunt.

Marte is thrown out at first. Dyson scampers to third.

Escobar is strucken out.

Doyers 2, Uglies 2.


Yoan Lopez is pitching for the Uglies.

Will Smith flies out to center.

Another chat show on the mound.

Andrew Chafin pitching for the Uglies.

Bellinger is out at first.

Kris Negron is out at first. We are in extra innings No fireworks, kids.

Doyers 2, Uglies 2.



Julio Arias walks Peralta.

Walker bangs into a double play.

Lamb drops one into fair territory.

Ahmed is at 0-1. Not in a good way. 1-1. 1-2. 2-2. He flies out to Bellinger.

Doyers 2, Uglies 2.


Muncy is out at first.

Seager flies out deep to left.

White in a long at-bat, is at 2-2, and grunts as he strikes out. We could hear it all the way up here.

Doyers 2, Uglies 2.
























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