Reality Check: Yanks Embarrass the Dodgers, 10-2, in First of Weekend Series

Asked before the game whether he had any particular concerns about meeting the fearsome New York Yankees for the first time this season, Dodger Manager Dave Roberts smiled and said, “We just have to make sure D.J. LeMaheiu doesn’t get a hit.”

Leadoff batter LeMahieu ended that possibility after drilling a 2-2 pitch into right for a single in the top of the first inning. From the fourth inning onward, it was all Yankees All The Time, as the Bombers humiliated the Dodgers 10-2.

Dodger ace Hin-Jyun Ryu allowed seven runs on nine hits, including a grand slam, his second of the year,  from Didi Gregorius in the fifth, as well as homers from Aaron Judge, Greyber Torres,  and Gary Sanchez. Grigorius hit an additional home run in the ninth, well, because, he could. Grigorious knocked in a total of five runs.

The loss dropped the Dodgers to 3-1 on the current home stand, after a sweep of Toronto earlier this week.

The Dodgers will try again tomorrow and Sunday. So will the Yankees, so, there’s that.


Here’s how we blogged it:

For only the third time in history, the two best teams in baseball will meet in the regular season, just after the All-Star game.

The historic Los Angeles Dodgers (85-44) will face the historic Yankees (83-46) for the first of three games this weekend.

Hyun-Jin Ryu, who has become one of the strongest pitchers in the majors, will pitch for the Doyers, and James Paxton (No relation) will be on the mound for the Bronx Bombers.

FYI, both teams will be wearing turn of the century (19th, not 20th) uniforms. It’s jarring.

This should be good.


First pitch: 7:10 p.m.  77 degrees.


D.J. LeMahieu ( no relation) gets quickly to 2-2. He singles to left.

The imposing 6’7″ Aaron Judge also gets to 2-2 . Judge strikes out on a swing we could hear in the press box. Kinda. Spiritually speaking.

Gleyber Kracken” Torres flies out to Seager.

Yankees 0, Dodgers coming up.


Aj “Pollo” Pollock is at 0-2. He grounds out to first.

Justin Turner, ALL in white, grounds out to first, for the symmetry, I suppose.

Will Smith (no relation) strikes out, and not in a good way.

Dodgers 0, Yankees 0.



Gary “No relation” Sanchez gets a strike, gets a ball, gets a ball, and singles to first on a miscue by Kike Hernandez.

Didi Gregorius doubles and sends Sanchez to third.

Gio Urshela is chilling at 2-1. 3-1. He flies out to short left field. That’s one out.

Strikeout Muncy
Hin-Jyun strikes out Gardner.

Centerfielder Brett Gardner is at 1-2. Hin-Jyun strikes him out.

Cameron Maybin (No relation. Maybe) swings at two pitches. A pitch gets away, but, no damage. 1-2. Hin-Jyun sails one over his head. 2-2. Maybin strikes out. Crowd roars.

Dodgers 0, Yankees 0.


Cody Bellinger strikes way out.

Muncy singles to first. Obviously.

Chris Taylor  is being at 1-2. 2-2. He flies out to short center field.

Seager takes 0-2. Muncy dashes to second when Sanchez cant handle a pitch. Seager is at 2-2. Seager strikes out loud.

Dodgers 0, Yankees 0. 


LeMaheiu grounds out to first.

Aaron Judges sends one into the center field bleachers.

Gleyber Torres strikes right out, making him left out.

Gregorius delivers Ryu’s pitch to center field express mail.

Gio Urshela flies out to center.

Dodgers 0, Yankees 0. 


Kike de la Kike is at 1-1. He doubles, lighting up the audience.

Ryu bunts sacrificially, moving Kike to third.

Pollock is at 1-2. He singles up the middle, scoring Kike. De la Kike.

Turner flies out to center.

Will Smith strikes so out.

Yankees 0, Dodgers 1. 



Gio Ushela leases 1-2. He upgrades to 2-2. He. Strikes. Out.

Gardner also gets to 2-2. He grounds out to center.

Maybin sees a big strike. and a ball, and a ball, and a ball.He doubles to deep center field.

Paxton swings. Swings again. Swings again. (See what I did there?)

Yankees 2, Dodgers 1. 


Bellinger strikes out.

Muncy takes a big cut. 1-1. 2-1. 2-2. 3-2. Swiiiiiiiiiiing!

Taylor looks at strike 1. Waves sadly. Swing. Strike. Repeat. it’s 2-2. Still. Fan catches foul ball with one hand. It’s 3-2. Well, that was embarrassing. Paxton strikes out three Dodgers in a row, In a row. In a row.

Yankees 2, Dodgers 1.



DJ LeMaheiu swings casually for a single to left.

Judge takes a strike. He likes it so much he takes another. It’s 2-2. He lifts one into short right that Hernandez cant reach.  LeMaheiu goes to second.

Torres be at 1-1. 1-2. He grounds out to first. LeMaheiu goes to third.

Sanchez gets walked.

Gregorious hits a LOUD grand slam into the right field seats.

Urshela doubles in the left field corner.

There is a chat show on the mound. Adam Kolarek is in to pitch.

Brett Gardner is at 1-2, and with a hit to the left field corner, he runs like a rocket to second. He got to second faster than you read this sentence.

Maybin is a 1-2 with Gardner leaning for third. On a pop-up, Gardner races to third.

Paxton strikes out to halt the misery for now.

Yankees 7, Dodgers 1.


Seager singles to right.

Hernandez strikes out.

Pollock takes a big cut. It’s 1-1. 2-1. 2-2. Per se. Pollock strikes out.

Yankees 7. Dodgers 1.



Yimi Garcia is now pitching for Los Doyers.

LeMaheiu gets to 1-2. And 2-2 also as well. He strikes out quietly.

Judge strikes out this time.

Torres is at 1-2, then homers into the center field bleachers.

Sanchez singles to left. See that roof? It’s caving in.

Gregorius. You might remember him from that grand slam. He is at 1-1, but those numbers could be wrong. 1-2. 2-2. He flies out to center.

Yankees 8, Dodgers 1. 


Paxton retires the Dodgers without any severance. 1-2-3.



Urshela flies out to Turner.

Gardner is apparently up AGAIN.  0-1. 1-1. And it’s 2-1. 2-2. He flies out to Seager who LEAPs! to catch it.

Maybin be out, no maybins about it.


Muncy flies out to center.

Taylor doubles to the left field corner.

Seager is at 2-0. Apparently he is now at 2-1. And 3-1. Seager grounds out to first.

Yankees have a chat show on the mound. Kahnle will be in to pitch.

Kike von Kike doubles to the left field corner, scoring Taylor.

Von Kike goes to third on a wild pitch.

Yankees 8, Dodgers 2.



Casey Sadler is pitching for the Dodgers. I mean, why not?

Mike Ford drops one into right field in front of three Dodgers, who successfully manage avoid it.

“Big Fundy” (no idea) is at 2-1. He is thrown out at first by Seager.

Judge looks at a strike. He bangs one into center. The Yankees are beginning to simply score at will. (Sorry, Will.)

Torres is 2-1, then flies out to deep center.

Sanchez looks at 2-0, then glances at a strike going by. 2-1. 2-2. 3-2. He swings and strikes out, not that it matters all that very much.


Pollock carefully watches two strike whiz by him. It’s 1-2. He is stricken out.

Turner also has his eye on two strikes, eyeing them as they streak past. It’s 1-2. 2-2. There are still about 40,000 people here. Including me. The count is full. Turner draws a walk.

Smith is at 1-1 with one down. A ball goes by. 2-1. Now it’s 2-2. It’s like the count changes on every pitch. Or something. He strikes out like he’s never been here before.

Joc Pederson flies out to right.

Yankees 9, Dodgers 2.



Gregorius , if that’s his real name, is at 3-1. He homers again.

Urshela grounds out to first.

Gardner singles to right.

Maybin meets a double play, four innings too late.

Yankees 10, Dodgers 2. 


Muncy deals with 1-1. , then 1-2. Then, 2-2, Then strikes out. So, there’s that.

Taylor shows up at 1-2, then flies out to right.

Kenta Maeda (!) is pinch-hitting. And strikes out. Really out.

Yankees 10, Dodgers 2. FINAL

The game is over. Go in peace.


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