Dodgers Mow Down the Giants, 9-2, in First of Three

The Dodgers continued their streak of good fortune and quality play tonight with a 9-2 victory over the San Francisco Giants in the first game of a three-game series. With two games to go, the Dodgers, now 104-56, hope to surpass the Houston Astros for the best record in the majors.

The Dodgers struck early, scoring five runs in the second inning as Cody Bellinger and Corey Seager sent the first pitches they saw in to the right field stands for homers.

Though the score might not reflect it, the Giants fought hard, and lit a number of dangerous fires throughout the game that the Dodgers continually managed to extinguish. The Giants ended up leaving a remarkable 17 runners on base, while gathering eight hits.

Tomorrow’s game starts at noon. See you right here.

Here’s how we blogged it:


It’s the end of the line in the regular season for the Dodgers, who are playoff-bound. The Dodgers recorded their 14th sweep of the season this past week,, beating the Padres, 1-0, on Thursday afternoon.

The Dodgers are now at 103-56 and are one game back of the Houston Astros for the best record in baseball. A win tonight would tie the Los Angeles single-season wins record (104 by the 2017 Los Angeles Dodgers), and the Dodgers also have a chance to tie or break the franchise record as well (105, 1953 Brooklyn Dodgers).

Walker Buehler fill face the Giants tonight at Oracle Park.

The pitching staff also threw its 16th shutout of the season Thursday, behind six scoreless innings from Clayton Kershaw, who recorded his team-best 16th win of the season.

Let’s rock.


First pitch: 7:20 p.m.

Joc Pederson is at 2-1. 3-1. Just like that. He grounds out to first.

Max (no relation) Muncy is at 2-1. 2-2. He grounds out to first. Where have I heard that before?

A.J.Pollock looks at 1-1. Carefully. 2-1. Not as carefully. 2-2. He grounds out to first. Where have I heard that before?


Max Yastrzemski is at 1-2. No relation. 2-2. He strikes out loud.

Brandon Belt is 1-1-1. He loses a slow race to first base.

Evan Longoria singles to right.

Stephen Vogt looks at a strike going by. Out. Out. Out.

Dodgers 0, Giants 0



Cody Bellinger hits the first pitch he sees out of the park.

Corey Seager hits the first pitch he sees out of the park.

Will Smith is walking on sunshine.

Gavin Lux triples to deep right. Smith comes home.

Kike Hernandez is at 1-1. 1-2. Down he goes, per se.

Walker Buehler is quickly at 0-2. 1-2. 2-2. Swing and a miss. Strike 3.

Joc Pederson homers into China Basin. That brings home Lux

Pollock is out at first.

Dodgers 5, Giants 0.


Kevin Pillar gets to 1-1. 2-1. He singles.

Alex Dickerson (no relation) looks at a strike.

Dickerson singles, Pillar scoots to third.

Brandon Crawford flies out, Pillar comes home.

Dubon singles, runners on first and second.

Chris Shaw SWINGS and misses.He swings and misses. He swings and misses.

Mike Yazstrzemski swings and misses. 1-1. 2-1. 2-2. Gone.

Dodgers 5, Giants 1.



Cody Bellinger (It’s cold here….!) is at 1-1. He singles.

Corey Seager singles. Bellinger is thrown out at second.

Will Smith hits into a double play. Once.

Dodgers 5, Giants 1.


Brandon Belt looks at a high one. And then he looks at a wide one. And then he swings, and misses. And then he walks.

Vogt doubles to right.

Kevin Pillar is at 0-2. He bunts badly. 0-2. 0-2. He sacrifices and brings home Belt.

Dickerson strikes out.

Dodgers 5. Giants 2.



Gavin Lux strikes out.

Kike is out at first.

Walker Buehler is at 1-2. He is way out at first.

Dodgers 5. Giants 2



Brandon Crawford flies out to second.

Mauricio Dubon (no relation) looks strike-wise, then ball-wise. Then strike-wise. 2-2. The count is all full now. Bye. Bye.

So, there are a lot of Dodger fans here tonight. When they cheer “Let’s go Dodgers!,” it’s like being you-know where. It’s also really cold here, as this City usually is in summer. Some other fun facts? The public address announcer is a woman. And the press fare is not as good as Dodger Stadium, and its more expensive. And Mike Gerber gets walked-ed.

Grandbaby Yaz is at 0-2, meanwhile, Gerber almost gets caught stealing. Baby Yaz is at 2-2. 3-2. He strikes out not looking.

Brandon Belt grounds out to first, as Max Muncy alley-oops the throw at first to Buehler.

Dodgers 5, Giants 2.



Joc Pederson looks at 2 strikes, then hits one at first, where he happens to be headed, with predictable results.

Muncy, that Funky Muncy, is at 0-2, 1-2, and 2-2, just like that. He strikes way out.

Pollock gets hit on the leg,  just above his left knee by pitcher Sam Selman.

Bellinger flies out to deep left.

Dodgers 5, Giants 2.

(I missed an inning here somewhere.)


Longoria singles to first. (Like, where else would he single to?)

Vogt  sees two pitches way outside. He pops up to short right.

Pillar reaches first on a fielding error at third. Runners at the corners, so to speak.

Dickerson is at 1-1. He flies out to second. No one be going anywhere.

Crawford is at 1-1.Pillar steals second. No charges filed. 2-2 and 2 outs. He strikes all the way out.

Dubon flies out to right. Chat show on the mound.

Caleb Ferguson now pitching. Christhian Adame strikes out.

Baby Yaz doubles to left.

Belt is at 1-1. 2-1. 3-1.  The count is packed. He gets walked-ed.There is another chat show on the mound. Ferguson is out. Yimi Garcia is on the mound.

Longoria is being at 1-1. Make that 1-2. He sends a few into the seats. Garcia fumbles the ball at first bases, and the bases are loaded.

Vogt pops up to end the threat.



Edwin Rios is headed for the dugout along with his teammate David Freese, as Freese hits into a double play. The inning’s first out? No idea.

Dodgers 5, Giants 2.


Pillar, the Giants 2019 Willie Mac (not to be confused with Chili Mac) Award winner, looks at 0-2. Another chat show on the mound. He is at 1-2. The count evens up, 2-2. 3-2. Pillar hits a bullet right to Lux. Thank you very much.

Dickerson is at 2-2, after a swing in the dirt. Again, the count is full. Dickerson walks to first.

Crawford is mowing the air, as he gets to 2-2. 1-2. He singles and Dickerson is thrown out at second.

Dubon is at 1-2, with two down. He sends a screamer to third, and beats the throw from Kike Hernandez. Runners at first and second with two gone.

Jaylin Davis gets to 1-1. He sends a possible double to second base, where Gavin Lux climbs a ladder to snag it out of the sky. Another fire exinguished. Giants fans begin to head for the Muni.

Dodgers 5, Giants 2.



Muncy flies out to deep center field.

Chris Taylor doubles to center.

Seager loads the bases on a bobbled throw to second base by Dubon.

Smith is at 1-1. Taylor and Bellinger scores on his single to center, when the Giants fielder freeze in the headlights.

Lux is at 2-0. 2-1. 2-2. 3-2. He strikes out.

Hernandez singles, sending Seager home.

Rios (no relation) gets to 1-2. He gets to 2-2. Hangs out there for a while. Then strikes right out. Everyone sings a Journey song. “Don’t Stop Believing.” Whatever.

Dodgers 9,Giants 2.


Tony Gonsolin is pitching for the Doyers.

GrandBaby Yaz flies out to center.

Belt is at 3-1. He draws a walk.

Longoria is cruising at 1-2. 2-2. Gone.

Vogt sees a strike and a ball. Waaaay outside. 2-1. He mows the air. 2-2. 3-2. 3-2. 3-2. He walks.

Kevin “Chili Mac” Pillar will try to score seven runs. He is at 1-1. 1-2. He is hit on the right wrist to load the bases. There is a chat show on the mound. Gonsolin is gone. Kolarek. Wait. Gonsolin stays in.

Dickerson is at 1-1. 2-1. 2-2. 3-2. He flies out to right.



















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