UPDATE: Dodgers Beat Giants, 2-0; Match Team’s Best Record Ever

ORACLE PARK, SAN FRANCISCO—With all the elements of a classic 2019 Dodger victory, the Dodgers beat the San Francisco Giants 2-0, to match the team’s best regular record, held by the 1953 Brooklyn Dodgers. After hitting Evan Longoria, and giving up a hit to Kevin Pillar, reliever Kenley Jansen struck out three Giants in a row—Stephen Vogt, Jaylin Davis and Alex Dickerson—to save Hyun-Jin Ru’s victory.

For his part, Ryu, now 14-5, also batted in Gavin Lux, for the Dodgers’ first run. Max Muncy hit a home run to deep right field, just short of China Basin, in the sixth inning, for the Dodgers’ second run.

The Dodgers’ regular season ends tomorrow afternoon, with the NLDS series beginning Thursday at Dodger Stadium.

Here’s how we blogged today.

Following their fifth straight victory Friday night, the Dodgers will face the San Francisco Giants at Oracle Park this afternoon. The Dodgers stomped the Giants last night, winning 9-2.  The victory tied their best season ever, in 1953. They scored five runs in the second inning, with Cody Bellinger and Corey Seager banging out back-to-back homers.

Hyun Jin Ryu will be on the mound for the Dodgers while the Giants’ lefty, Logan Webb will be wearing a baseball cap throughout the game as well.

This is the second of the final three-game series to end the regular season. Dodger playoff business begins at Dodger Stadium this coming Thursday.

Game time is 1:05 p.m.


Joc Pederson tips the first pitch. Now we’re at 1-1. He grounds out to first.
Max Muncy gets walked-ed.
Chris Taylor, in a juggled lineup, smacks one right at first baseman Austin Slater, who tags out Muncy. So, there’s that.

Dodgers 0, Giants coming up..


There are at least two flies buzzing the press box.

Donovan Solano (No relation) gets strickened out by Ryu.

Mauricio Dubon (Ghiardelli is here in the press box giving away chocolate sundaes. Whoa.) is at 2-2. He strikes out like that there.

Buster Posey, who I hate to say it, is great, takes two mean cuts. Its 1-2. It’s 2-2. The count is full. He grounds out like a baseball clinic. 1.2.3.

Dodgers 0, Gigantes 0.


Evan Longoria pops WAY up in the infield.

Kevin Pillar grounds out to first.

Austin Slater (no relation) has a great name. He is at a full count. He loses a foot race to first.

Dodgers 0, Gigantes 0.



Gavin Lux strikes completely out.

Russell Martin is in a full count-type-situation. He singles to deep left.

Hyun-Jin Ryu sees 0-2. 1-2. He strikes out, so to speak.

Joc Pederson flies out to center field.

(There is this guy sitting over down there to my right below me, screaming at the Giants like he is coaching his kid’s little league team. Dude, they cannot hear you. But I can.)

Dodgers 0, Gigantes 0.


Jaylin Davis is out at first.

Joey Rickard (no relation) sees two quick strikes. 2-2. We’re full. And, Bye-bye.

Logan Webb is at 2-2.  He strikes out, mowing the air.

Dodgers 0, Gigantes 0.



Max Muncy singles, one base at a time.

Chris Taylor hits into a textbook double play.

Cody Bellinger doubles up the middle.

Corey Seager strikes out to end the inning. For now.

Dodgers 0, Gigantes 0.


Donovan Solano strikes out, much to the bitter, bitter disappointment of that fan I mentioned earlier.

Dubon singles up the middle.

Posey singles.

Longoria flies out to right, and nobody moves.

“Chili Mac” Pillar flies out to left, ending the inning for himself and so many others.

Dodgers 0, Gigantes 0.



Matt Beatty strikes so out.

Lux doubles to deeeeeeeep right field.

Martin is out at first, as Lux scoots to third base.

Ryu singles , and scores Lux.

Pederson gets a full count. He grounds out to first.

Dodgers 1, Gigantes 0.


Ryu extingishes another Giant threat.

Dodgers 1, Gigantes 0.



Max Muncy puts one near the ocean. Go get it.

Chris Taylor flies out to center.

Corey Seager grounds out to first.

Dodgers 2, Gigantes 0.


Dubon strikes out.

Posey strikes out.

Longoria flies out to second.

Dodgers 2, Gigantes 0.



David Freese strikes pretty much out, if you think about it.

Lux is out at first.

Martin is out at first as well,

Dodgers 2, Gigantes 0.


They sing “Take me Out to the Ball Game,” but just as many fans scream ‘Dodgers” as they do “Giants.”

Kevin Pillar flies out.

Slater is out at first.

Davis gets aboard as Seager has trouble getting the baseball out of his hand.

Rickard strikes out to end the inning on his own terms.

Dodgers 2, Gigantes 0.



Jedd Gyorko  grounds out to first. This game is going really fast.

Kris Negron is in to bat. Ryu is gone for the day. Negron loses a race to first base.

Muncy faces China Basin and takes a strike. And another. He is at 2-2. 3-2. He grounds out to first.


Again with the Journey song…

Kenta Maeda now pitching for the Doyers.

GrandBaby Yaz is at 0-1. He flies out to right.

Belt singles to right as half of his broken bat takes flight.

Dubon is rocking 1-1. 1-2. 2-2. He goes down, sadly and bravely.

Posey, always a dangerous threat, steps up. He is at 1-1.2-1-2-2. Full count. Maeda strikes him out. Giants fans head for their favorite form of transportation, public or otherwise.

Dodgers 2, Gigantes 0.



Tyler Rogers  now pitching for Los Gigantes.

Chris Taylor singles on some sketchy fielding.

Kike Hernandez (no relation) strikes out.

Corey Seager strikes out and looks at the ump, like “wha….?”

Edwin Rios (no relation) is at 0-2, and strikes out.

Dodgers 2, Gigantes 0.


Longoria is hit by reliever Kenley Jansen.

Pillar singles, moving Longoria to second.

Stephen Vogt takes a mean strike. 0-2. Fans shout “Beat L.A.!” Jansen coolly strikes out Vogt.

Davis mows the air. He is at 1-2. Fans still shout “Beat L.A.” Jansen strikes out Davis.

Dickerson is at 0-2. Dodger fans are standing. 1-2. Jansen wants a chat show. With “Beat L.A.” rocking the stadium,  he strikes out Dickerson.













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